About Me

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My name is Lance Shope.   I have been interested in fossils and minerals since I was in grade school.  Over the years I developed an interest in Lapidary so I purchased some saws and cabbing equipment and started a small business making and selling cabochons.  A lot of my first lapidary material were agates and jaspers from beaches in Downeast Maine that I collected and cut, hence the name “Mainely Agates”.  I now work with any stones that catch my eye but agates are still my favorite.

My lapidary shop is equipped with a 14″ slab saw, a 10″ slab saw, several 6″ trim saws and several 4″ trim saws.  My cabbing is done on a 6″ Genie cabbing machine and an old Graves faceting machine that I use as a flat lap machine.

All my cabs are cut and polished by myself.  I do not tumble polish my cabochons.  They are all individually crafted from rough to finished cab ready to put in a setting.

I am a past president of our local rock club, Penobscot Mineral & Lapidary Club, and I am currently an executive board member as well as the annual Rock Show co-chairperson and lapidary instructor for the club.